BREAKING NEWS: Bond Patent Approved

Our Bond patent has been issued by the U.S. and European Patent Offices as U.S. Patent No. 10,987,301 B2 and EP 3 402 575 B1, respectively. Additional patent applications for our Bond System are pending in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, and Hong Kong.


What does our patent do? (you ask)


Our patents protect our Bond System from being made, used, or sold by others without our consent.


Back in 2014 during the beginning of the whole Bond craze, we noticed something very strange about the leading Bond Builders.


They just didn’t work.


We conducted countless experiments measuring the elasticity of hair treated with the first Bond Builders, and all of our results indicated that these Bond Builders didn’t strengthen the hair. AT ALL.


We examined the existing literature and found no viable solutions that were effective at bond multiplying or bond building.


After conducting a lot of research, Dr. Ali Syed surprisingly and unexpectedly discovered that Glycidoxy Dimethicone can crosslink and repair broken disulfide bonds in hair.


While we never fully divulged how our formula worked exactly, (it took 5 years for this patent to get approved!) we knew we were onto something when our test results showed that the hair was losing only 2% elasticity when bleaching with 40 volume developer. Normally when bleaching with 40 volume developer the hair loses 13% of its elasticity.


Sadly, some of our competitors “tried” deconstructing our Ingredient List and incorrectly began claiming that our formula was just coating the surface of the hair.


Our patented bond formula uses a reactive silicone that seeks out and repairs damaged disulfide bonds. It's a special silicone. Not the kind you typically find in other conditioners or thermal protectants.


Dr. Syed added another wrinkle to our Bond System by emulsifying our Glycidoxy Dimethicone into a Sub-Micron Emulsion, which essentially makes our formula even more effective and efficient at repairing damaged bonds along the hair shaft.


As of today….our formula is the ONLY one to repair disulfide bonds and regenerate crosslinks in both the cuticle and cortex of the hair fiber.


The Uberliss Bond Treatment outperforms EVERY single major bond builder on the market and has been tested and compared over and over by Research & Development. (see here)


This unique formula is safe and gentle to use on all hair types and never interferes with developer or processing time.


It is compatible with all glazes, glosses, powder lighteners, cream lighteners, permanent and demi-permanent colors, and developers.


It has taken 5 years for us to get this far, so we’re very excited to share this news with you. We really appreciate your business/support, and we’d love to hear your experience and feedback. Thank you so much.




Dr. Ali Syed

Learn more about the Bond Treatment here. 

Uberliss is Now a Green Circle Salon!

In our next step towards a greener future, we are proud to announce that the Uberliss Test Salon is now officially a part of Green Circle Salons!

Green Circle works with salons across the US and Canada to divert salon waste. Instead of throwing out used foils, color tubes, and other packaging, those items will now be sorted based on material and sent to Green Circle to be recovered and repurposed.

According to Green Circle Salons, between hair clippings, hair color, foils, color tubes, paper, and plastic, there is an average of 421,206 pounds of waste generated daily. Since 2009 Green Circle Salons has diverted 3,351,337 pounds of waste resources and forecasts indicate in 2019 alone they will double their waste resources recovered to 2,000,000 pounds.

So how does Green Circle work? All hair clippings, color tubes, used foils and paper and plastic used in the Uberliss salon will now be recycled. Hair clippings can be changed into hair booms for oil spill cleanup, hair color will be turned into clean water and clean energy to be injected into local power grids, and foils and color tubes will be cleaned and repurposed into materials for commercial use.

With today’s age of GREEN & ECO-RESPONSIBILITY, the new buzz words in business are changing us for the better!  We are very excited to take our industry in a new direction with exceptional standards of environmental accountability.  The beauty industry poses many challenges to the environment, from sourcing of ingredients to disposal of packaging and products. Through our alignment with Green Circle Salons, we hope to ameliorate our ecological footprint by implementing simple green changes that will make both our salon, and our industry, more sustainable. 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Green Circle Salons. Next time you’re near the Uberliss HQ in Melrose Park, IL., be sure to stop by! Make your next salon visit a sustainable one.  

Sustainably yours,

Clare Hennigan


About Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons is a company that provides a simple but powerful green strategy to help salons reduce their environmental footprint and get noticed by consumers looking for genuine green options. We offer a proven pathway for salons to achieve success in the short term and be sustainable into the future. We believe that small steps to transform each salon, with the help of customers and employees, over time, will make that green conversion possible and sustainable. We offer an eco‐systems approach that looks at recycling, energy, lighting, water, cleaning products and the re‐purposing of hair‐ all parts of the salon experience. To do this, we have our own branded services, but also work with best‐of‐class green product and service suppliers.

We are also committed to giving back up to 5% of pre‐tax profits to work with local and international organizations to develop and support programs that make creative environmental impact and lessons for positive change.

Visit www.greencirclesalons.com for more information

Peanut Allergy: Why We Will No Longer Use Packing Peanuts

We are pleased to announce to you a recent change that has been implemented. We will no longer use packing peanuts in any of our shipments, nor will they be used for anything else. All packing materials moving forward will be 100% recyclable.

In October 2018, a Sustainable Development Team consisting of a rep from our Warehouse, Purchasing, and Marketing was formed. This team would be responsible for researching and implementing the best possible way for outbound shipments to go out, all while being completely recyclable. The team began to research what options were available that offered cushioning, moldable product protection, and filling space. The team also wanted to factor in cost, extra equipment, and recyclability.

The main goal of the initiative was to eliminate all packing peanuts and replace it with 100% recyclable materials. Packing peanuts, also known as Polystyrene foam, is a threat to our waterways, ecosystems, and our health. “Polystyrene foam contains likely cancer-causing chemicals that can leach into the food and drinks they hold, making them dangerous to consumers. Styrene, the main ingredient in Polystyrene foam, is a likely human carcinogen, according to both the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Toxicology Program.” writes Richard Bruno for the Baltimore Sun.

Packing peanuts and other Polystyrene foam items never fully degrade, but they also can absorb dangerous chemicals found in the environment. So not only are they harmful to the animals that consume them, but they, in turn, are harmful to us when we consume those animals. (Think fish, oysters, and other seafood animals when Polystyrene foam is littered into our oceans.)

We went on to research the best alternative to packing peanuts and found that Kraft paper is one of the most sustainable and cost-effective resources to use as shipping material. It can be wrapped around products, used as void fill, and is 100% recyclable. However, the team was not convinced that paper alone could replace both the peanuts and bubble bags, especially for items with a nozzle or special closures. We concluded that the Kraft paper + bubble bags would be the best way to send outbound shipments. Poly bubble bags or sleeves provide cushioning and moldable product protection and are also 100% recyclable.  (see chart below) (*Miscellaneous items will be bubble wrapped when not able to fit in poly bubble bags.)

“90% of consumers say that companies and brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people” (via JWT The New Sustainability: Regeneration), and we couldn’t agree more. We have a corporate social responsibility to become a more sustainable brand, and eliminating packing peanuts is just the first step.

Going forward, all products will be packaged and shipped out in boxes filled with 100% recyclable packing paper and bubble bags. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is also better for our shipping workers.

The packing paper is deposited out of a machine that is much easier for the workers to use and much more efficient. No more bending and picking up loose peanuts, which can cause quite a mess and waste valuable time.

We still have a long way to go in increasing our environmental sustainability, but we’re proud to have taken the first step. Some other changes we plan to make in the future include implementing various recycling programs, working with eco-friendly non-profits, and sourcing from local vendors or those who use upcycled ingredients.

We’d love to hear from you! What ways do you decrease your environmental impact? Is there anything you would like to see us do in the future?

Sustainably yours,

Clare Hennigan, Trend Analyst


- How green is your packaging?

- New actives can be sourced in plant/fruit throwaways

- The New Sustainability Regeneration 

Polystyrene foam is bad for your body and the environment

We're Now Available at Ulta Beauty!

It’s official.

All 13 Uberliss Bond Sustainers are available at ultabeauty.com, and 10 of our top selling shades are in over 850 Ulta Beauty stores nationwide!

The coolest part about Bond Sustainers? They use nano-emulsion technology found in our salon professional Uberliss Bond Treatment. Each use will regenerate broken hair bonds and strengthen fiber elasticity while depositing brilliant color. Not into rainbow color hair? No biggie. We offer Platinum Jasmine, a toning color for blondes who want to get rid of brassy strands, and a plain Bond Sustainer that can be used on all other types of color-treated hair.

Bond Sustainers are also vegan and cruelty-free and feature Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera to keep your hair moisturized with a soft boost of shine.

Use Bond Sustainer Colors as a direct dye, color refresher, or a toner!

When using as a direct dye: use on dry, pre-lightened hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

When using as a color refresher: Apply to damp hair after shampooing, leave on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

When using as a toner: apply to dry or damp hair and leave on for 10-20 to eliminate brassy tones for an icy cool finish. Rinse with cool water.

Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors can be found at the Color Shop section in Ulta Beauty.

Head over to ultabeauty.com or visit your nearest Ulta Beauty to pick yours up today! 



Uberliss is Officially Cruelty-Free!

While we have never tested on animals here at Uberliss, we thought it was important to make it official. 

Last year we filed the paperwork with PETA to become a certified cruelty-free brand. It's important for us to help keep animals safe and out of harm's way. There is absolutely no excuse for them to be used in experiments.

Look for the pink-eared bunny on our updated packaging, and make the pledge today to use only cruelty-free beauty products!



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