Why We Chose to Sell Bond Regenerator Separately

We love talking to our customers directly and learning about your pain points so that we can improve ourselves as a company. Our live chat works 24/7, and I love reading customer conversations and personally responding. Our R&D and Marketing teams all use the live chat as well.

Recently, we noticed an uptick in conversations with our stylists who were running out of Step #1, Bond Regenerator, faster than Step #2 and Step #3. While all of the steps work together as a system, many of you requested that we sell the Regenerator separately.

At first, we were hesitant because we didn’t want to compromise the integrity of the Bond Treatment’s performance. We measure performance, strength, pH, etc along every step of every chemical process. By selling the Bond Regenerator by itself, we know some stylists might skip the other steps...but we already know many of you already are skipping steps and not following instructions anyways ;-)

Well, we listened to your feedback and have decided to start selling Step #1 Bond Regenerator separately!

While we are selling the Regenerator on its own, we still highly recommend using with both the Bond Shampoo and Bond Amplifier. The three products work together synergistically to retain hair strength and integrity during the color and lightening process. Our unique 3 step process maintains the hair’s tensile strength at 98% after using 40 volume developer and powder lightener. Many brands love to brag about how you can use “any shampoo or conditioner” with their treatment, but this is usually untrue.

Using the Bond Regenerator by itself is great for Standalone Treatments; but we can’t guarantee results for highly damaging chemical processes (high lift color, perms, relaxers, etc) if you aren’t using the ENTIRE system.

To further learn about the science behind our Uberliss Bond Treatment, check out one of our old blog posts here!

I love hearing your honest feedback, so message us anytime on the website to talk to with me or an Uberliss employee directly.

Hasan Syed



We're Sprung: The Prettiest Hair Colors We Saw All Spring

Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color has quickly become a favorite among stylists who long for a vibrant hair dye that also repairs damaged hair. Our color can be used as a direct dye, toner, or to maintain your current fantasy shade. What makes Bond Sustainer Color special is that it contains the same crosslinking active found in our Uberliss Bond Treatment. Every use from these colors will help keep hair strong, healthy, and extremely shiny.

Now that the spring season is coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at all of the bright bursts of color that helped get us through these fickle weathered months...Enjoy! 

By @emilyboulinhair using Bond Sustainer Color in Lilac, Blue Peony, and Pink Rose 🧜🏼‍♀️💘

🌈Pastel Rainbow by @iamfeelingmyself using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color

🌷💓Color by @yourfavoritehairartist using Bond Sustainer Color in Pink Rose

A post shared by Sülly Layo (@sullylayo) on

💕💫💕Coachella Color by @sullylayo using Bond Sustainer Color in Soft Pink Dahlia, Soft Blue Lotus, and Turquoise Tulip 

Peachy 💖🧡by @kelsforbeauty using Bond Sustainer Color in Pink Rose and Peach Hydrangea

⚡️💙Color by @yourfavoritehairartist using Bond Sustainer Color in Blue Peony, Purple Iris, and Turquoise Tulip

A post shared by Serena Miller (@hairbyserenam) on

🦄Hair by @hairbyserenam using Bond Sustainer Color

1. Peach Hydrangea + Pink Rose⠀
2. Pink Rose + Bond Sustainer⠀
3. Pink Rose + Fuchsia Hibiscus
4. Lilac + Fuchsia Hibiscus + Purple Iris⠀
5. Lilac + Pink Rose

🧜‍♀️ Color by @randynyhair_makeuphenna using Bond Sustainer Color in Peach Hydrangea, Pink Rose, and Magenta Orchid

This pastel perfection is a dream come true ✨🦄color by @gabriellemariakirk using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color using Mint, Pink Rose, and Peach Hydrangea

What was your favorite look from spring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! See ü in the summertime ☀️

Spring Preview: Peach Hydrangea + Yellow Daffodil

Spring is finally here! (Even if outside is still screaming winter.)

But we can't help to be dreaming of warmer weather and warmer hair hues for the new season. Peachy pinks and vibrant yellows are here to brighten up your color for spring 2018. Sofi used a combination of our Bond Sustainer Color in Peach Hydrangea and Yellow Daffodil to get this gorgeous look.

The butterflies are optional. 

How To:

1. Start with damp, pre-lightened hair, paint Peach Hydrangea at the roots, bringing a few inches down

2. Paint Yellow Hydrangea where the Peach ends and bring through to the ends of the hair

3. Let sit for 20 min and rinse using cold water

To Style:

1. Spritz Uberliss Frizz Elixir on damp strands before blow-drying

2. Use the Uberliss Flat Iron to make S waves throughout the hair

3. Finish with Uberliss RituOil for extra shine


Let us know what you think of Sofi's color in the comments below!



Introducing Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color

We're proud to introduce the newest Uberliss collection:

Bond Sustainer Color.

The New Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors deliver brilliant and vibrant dye while regenerating broken hair bonds and repairing dry and damaged hair.

Formulated and manufactured at our laboratory near Chicago, the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors are prepared, mixed, and filled into 3 oz bottles with care by our production staff.

First sketch of Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color

Early prototype of the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors at the Research and Development Laboratory

First run of the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors in production

Bond Sustainer Color is powered by the same core ingredients featured in our Uberliss Bond Treatment, which utilizes Nano-emulsion technology to repair broken hair bonds unlike any other treatment.

They are great for stylists to use on their clients’ pre-lightened hair to create a magical masterpiece in whatever shade of unicorn or mermaid they are feeling at the moment. Or they are perfect for those who already rock a colorful mane, to maintain their current vivid or pastel hue.

Color by Kitty Mendoza using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Platinum Jasmine, Blue Peony, Purple Iris, Lilac, Soft Pink Dahlia, and Magenta Orchid

Color by Mirko Vergani using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Turquoise Tulip and Blue Peony

Color by Jennifer Lopiccolo using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Yellow Daffodil and Peach Hydrangea

The Bond Sustainer Colors are also fun to use at home too, especially if you want to add a splash of color to your hair, or experiment with a new look!

They distribute a rich, creamy color, and will rebuild broken bonds throughout the hair, leaving the hair in better condition than ever before. Add these to your current color maintenance routine to add shine, softness and keep your rainbow strands looking brilliantly bright. Your hair will thank ü.

A Look Into The Science Behind The New Uberliss Keratin Treatment

Time to read: 7 minutes

As you may have seen on our social, we recently introduced our BRAND NEW, updated Uberliss Keratin Treatment!  

“But wait, we loved the old formula!"

"How is this one better?"

"Why did you change it?”

Well, if you are familiar with the way things work over here at Uberliss, you know that we take pride in our Research & Development department, and are constantly looking, and testing for ways to make our products safer, easier, and more effective!

And this is exactly what we have done with our new Uberliss Keratin Treatment. We’ve made some great changes to the system that we know you are going to love!

The new treatment has fewer steps and takes less time. How did we do it? By employing cutting-edge, crosslinking technology that accomplishes the same level of smoothing but in two steps as opposed to the previous three-step version. While Glyoxylic Acid is still our straightening active in the Fiber Restructure, we have added a Diamine molecule to the Fiber Expander, which crosslinks with the Glyoxylic Acid, creating a conditioning mesh. The new system is now 100% Nano and also features a color guard for maximum color retention. And as always, our Uberliss Keratin Treatment is 100% Formaldehyde and Methylene Glycol free!

2-Step Treatment

One of the of the best parts about our new Uberliss Keratin Treatment is that it is now only two-steps!

In our previous system we had a 3rd step using the Uberliss Nutritive Mask, this has since been eliminated from the treatment. With the addition of the built in conditioning mesh, the Fiber Expander is now not only expanding the cuticles, but priming the hair for the active smoothing ingredient in the Fiber Restructure. There is no need for extra conditioning, as this mesh will provide superior conditioning to the hair fiber.

Because we were able to reduce the amount of steps, the application of the Uberliss Keratin Treatment has also been reduced by a good 15-20 minutes. This allows stylists to get more clients in their chair throughout the day. More clients = more money!

With the new two step Uberliss Keratin Treatment, there will also be new, easier instructions to follow. We currently have them up on the Uberliss website, and they will be included with every order. If you have further questions you can always contact us through social or our online webchat.

Introducing the Uberliss Frizz Elixir

We have added the Uberliss Frizz Elixir to this star studded line up of products! The Frizz Elixir has special technology to fight frizz, and repels humidity by blocking moisture from entering the cortex of the hair, and will be used during the flat ironing portion of the treatment. This technology also helps in the maintenance of everyday styling, and continues to fight humidity on an ongoing basis, while keeping the hair shiny and smooth.

Besides fighting frizz and repelling humidity, the Frizz Elixir also protects against heat damage, and makes the hair easier to comb. It also makes as a great retail item for the salon!

Crosslinking Technology

The new Uberliss Keratin Treatment now uses crosslinking technology to simultaneously smooth and condition your hair.

But what is crosslinking? Crosslinking is a chemical reaction that occurs when individual molecules are connected or bridged together to create a stronger and larger compound. The end result is that this larger crosslinked compound can reside inside your hair for a longer period of time.

How does crosslinking occur in our new treatment? In our new Uberliss Keratin Treatment, the Diamine molecules in the Fiber Expander crosslink with the Glyoxylic Acid molecules in the Fiber Restructure. Heat is the catalyst for the crosslinking reaction, and once these molecules crosslink they form a conditioning mesh inside the hair fiber. The conditioning mesh is essentially what smooths/straightens the hair.

This mesh forms deep inside the cortex of the hair fiber by attaching to the Disulfide Bonds of the keratin proteins, enabling smoothing to last longer, attacking the root of your frizz dilemma.

Crosslinking in action:

Crosslinking in Action - Uberliss Keratin Treatment - Uberliss.com

Step 1: The Diamine found in the Fiber Expander opens up the hair and prepares for the Glyoxylic Acid.

Step 2: The Fiber Restructure is applied and creates the conditioning mesh found in the hair fiber.

After applying heat with the Uberliss Titanium Flat Iron the crosslinks are formed and the hair is left soft, silky and smooth.


Just how small is a Nanoparticle?

Nanoparticles are particles between 1 and 100 nanometers in size.

To put this in perspective, a human hair fiber is 100,000 nanometers wide.

The new formula being completely nano in size is able to penetrate deeper into the hair fiber and create a superior seal along the hair-shaft.

We achieved this 100% nano particle size by creating a microemulsion, which is essentially the delivery vehicle for the active compounds such as the Diamine molecule and the Glyoxylic Acid.

Color Protection

We have added color guard technology to the new formula...color treated clients need smooth hair too!

In order to keep our smoothing treatment Formaldehyde and Methylene Glycol free, we use Glyoxylic Acid as our active smoothing ingredient. One of the drawbacks of a Glyoxylic Acid-based smoothing treatment is that it can lift the color of the hair. We have been working on ways to resolve this for years!

The new treatment now contains active color protection compounds in both the Fiber Expander and Fiber Restructure, protecting your hair color throughout the entire treatment.

Safety in the Keratin Category

Keeping both stylists and clients safe, has always been a priority for us. Our Uberliss Keratin Treatment offers the best of both worlds: delivering the highest quality performance, while remaining Formaldehyde free.

There are three different types of keratin treatments on the market at this time. Two are based on using Formaldehyde technology, with one using a very high level at around 7-8% Formaldehyde, and the second category using a lighter amount at 3-4%. Any keratin treatment that uses Formaldehyde can cause a serious risk to human health. Many countries in Europe have even banned Formaldehyde usage for smoothing. A simple Google search will reveal just how harmful Formaldehyde is, and that it can create long term health issues when inhaled.

And don’t be fooled by the names Methylene Glycol and Formalin! They are both just different forms of Formaldehyde.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has investigated keratin based hair smoothing products and the presence of Formaldehyde in them. They were alerted by numerous complaints from professional hair stylists and salon owners of health problems such as bloody noses and respiratory concerns. OSHA requires brands that have products containing a Formaldehyde level of 0.1% to include a label stating it has Formaldehyde in it. If the brand’s products contain a Formaldehyde level of 0.5% or higher they must write on the bottle that the product is a potential cancer hazard. However, most Formaldehyde based brands are violating these regulations. Both OSHA and the FDA are actively investigating this and we’re anticipating more developments in the future.

Original OSHA Report (PDF)

The third type of keratin treatment, like ours, uses Glyoxylic Acid. Glyoxylic Acid does not turn into a gas when heated, unlike Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is dangerous because you can inhale it so easily. Since you can’t inhale Glyoxylic Acid as easily into your body, it is a safer choice.

Final Thoughts

Keratin smoothing treatments are not going away anytime soon. They are only going to get more advanced. With the diversity in society, hair patterns with some form of wave and curliness are becoming more standard. And there will always be a challenge to comb and style this type of hair. People will continue to look for ways to spend less time styling their hair as well as keeping it shiny, smooth, healthy, and frizz free.

At Uberliss we continue to research new ways to make our products better for both the stylist and the consumer. Our vigorous testing and experimenting in our Chicago laboratories continue to bring new insight to the hair smoothing category. We have full faith in the safety and performance of our products and know you are going to love them.

If you have any questions/comments or feedback, please leave a comment below!

And as always, you can reach us on our social at @Uberliss!


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