Uberliss at NYFW February 2024

Uberliss at NYFW February 2024

This February, the Uberliss team partnered up with hairstylist Rutger and headed to New York for Fashion Week. We had the pleasure of taking part in the timeless reveal of Elena Velez’s newest collection, which was not your typical runway show.

Velez, acclaimed for her achievements, including winning both the CFDA/Vogue Prize and the CFDA’s Emerging Design award in 2022, embraced a departure from creating full runway collections. She shifted away from the boldness of her previous two shows, opting instead for a more conventional and intimate evening.

Rutger brought her vision to life by meticulously placing hair pieces, bows, and clips on the models, setting everything in place with Uberliss Flexin Hairspray. The elegant updos were crafted using the Uberliss Dry Shampoo, which perfectly added texture and volume while refreshing the hair. These looks truly transported us back in time to the rustic American black tie aesthetic.

Let me really put this night into perspective for you; imagine yourself in our shoes, or heels... entering a mysterious mansion on the Upper East Side. Phones checked in at the door, you are cut off from the internet. Walking up a spiral staircase and entering a long ballroom, you are met with a moody ambiance and dim lighting. Cigarette smoke fills the dining room and surrounds the long table lined with candles, crabs, and oysters. I’d be lying if I said I hadn't thought for a second that we were actually at a murder mystery dinner party… yes, it was that cool.

In the spirit of the infamous Scarlett O’Hara, Velez states, “designs are made from expensive silks and inspired by, ‘a time in women’s history when the sharpest weapon in her artillery was a red dress.’” The night included a presentation from podcast host Anna Khachiyan and Jack Mason of The Red Scare and The Perfume Nationalist. Centered around the novel Gone With the Wind, this event was flooded with intellectual discourse and beauty.

Velez has not abandoned the runway entirely, but she used this event as a storytelling opportunity and an experience as a whole. It was truly a night to remember, and you just had to be there.

Oh, and did I mention the Uberliss team kept the night going and followed the crowd to a secluded speakeasy? What did we find? More fashion, pizza, and red wine. That’s it for now; see you in the fall, NY.


Kelley Clifford, Social Media Coordinator

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