Uber - liss = Super Smooth.


Our mission is to develop the world's most advanced formulas based on the most cutting-edge methods available in the sciences.


We proudly re-invest in our community by donating at least $1 of every unit sold to various causes dedicated to Poverty, Hunger, Justice, Medicine, Equal Rights, and the Environment.


Uberliss was officially launched in 2011 via our laboratory in Melrose Park, IL:


Our R&D department consists of numerous PhDs and patent-holders specializing in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Dermatology.


Dr. Ali N. Syed is our Founder and Master Chemist.


He has over 30 patents.


You can Google him here.


We design and manufacture everything on site:



We test and improve our formulas on a continuous basis.


We even make our own equipment to test our own experiments:



We don't work with independent labs.


Our R&D and Manufacturing capabilities help us deliver the best quality and performance that we possibly can.


We do NOT test on animals at all.


Animals are our friends :-)