Bond Sustainer Color FAQ

What makes the Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors different from regular conditioner?

The Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors are formulated using the same revolutionary technology featured in the Uberliss Bond Treatment. The Uberliss Bond Sustainers are a weekly deep conditioning treatment that reinforce and strengthen bonds within the hair in addition to reducing hair porosity. Clients with blonde or neutral tones that want to maintain their hair integrity at home should use the original Uberliss Bond Sustainer. For Fantasy color clients that want to prevent fading in-between salon visits and strengthen hair fibers, send them home with the Uberliss Bond Sustainer color that best match their fun & funky fantasy locks! 


How do I use the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color at home?

The Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors can be used at home following a color service. You’ll want to choose the Sustainer Color that most closely matches your shade. After shampooing, massage and leave on your corresponding color on for 10- 20 minutes. Depending on the color of your hair and porosity, you may need to adjust the time. Generally, the longer time left on the hair will yield more intense results. Before using, be sure to conduct a stand test in an inconspicuous area. This will help with color matching and give you an idea for how long you should leave the bond sustainer on for desired results.


How do I use the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in the salon?

 The Überliss Bond Sustainer colors can be used as a dual-purpose back bar tool to strengthen and refresh hair colors as an add on service to any blow-dry or style service. Direct Dye: The Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors can be applied to prelightened or pale blonde hair as a direct dye. The best way to obtain maximum results is to apply to dry hair and process client under dryer for 20 minutes (for pastels) and 10-15 minutes (for vivids). Rinse with tepid/cool water and style as usual.

How do I remove it?

The bond sustainer colors will fade overtime. You can speed up the process by using a clarifying shampoo washing it every day. Please consult your hairstylist for complete color removal. 

Will this color damage my hair? 

Nope! The Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors do not contain and peroxide or ammonia. They are formulated with deep conditioning agents that help strengthen the hair while adding a boost of color.

Do the Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors stain the skin? 

We recommend washing hands with soap and water immediately after use. While applying in the salon, we suggest wearing gloves during application.  

I have dark brown hair, will these colors work for me?

 The bond sustainer colors will have the most impactful results on prelightened or blonde hair. Any areas that have been highlighted or color treated may show some color. Results will vary depending on shade and porosity of hair.

Can these be used to tone the hair? Which shade should I use for blonde hair?

Yes! The Uberliss Bond Sustainer colors make excellent toners. To eliminate unwanted yellow/brassy tones in blonde hair, using our Bond Sustainer Platinum Jasmine. We suggest conducting a strand test before application, applying too much product or leaving it on for too long may alter hair color.

How many shampoos does it last before it starts to fade out (when applied as a direct dye)? 

Generally colors will last 1-2 weeks (without proper maintenance), this will depend on the porosity of the hair and the type of shampoo used at home. To keep color longer, we suggest using a sulfate-free shampoo and weekly use of the Bond Sustainer color that was used as a direct dye.

Can I mix the colors together to create new colors?