Why We Chose to Sell Bond Regenerator Separately

Hasan Syed

We love talking to our customers directly and learning about your pain points so that we can improve ourselves as a company. Our live chat works 24/7, and I love reading customer conversations and personally responding. Our R&D and Marketing teams all use the live chat as well.

Recently, we noticed an uptick in conversations with our stylists who were running out of Step #1, Bond Regenerator, faster than Step #2 and Step #3. While all of the steps work together as a system, many of you requested that we sell the Regenerator separately.

At first, we were hesitant because we didn’t want to compromise the integrity of the Bond Treatment’s performance. We measure performance, strength, pH, etc along every step of every chemical process. By selling the Bond Regenerator by itself, we know some stylists might skip the other steps...but we already know many of you already are skipping steps and not following instructions anyways ;-)

Well, we listened to your feedback and have decided to start selling Step #1 Bond Regenerator separately!

While we are selling the Regenerator on its own, we still highly recommend using with both the Bond Shampoo and Bond Amplifier. The three products work together synergistically to retain hair strength and integrity during the color and lightening process. Our unique 3 step process maintains the hair’s tensile strength at 98% after using 40 volume developer and powder lightener. Many brands love to brag about how you can use “any shampoo or conditioner” with their treatment, but this is usually untrue.

Using the Bond Regenerator by itself is great for Standalone Treatments; but we can’t guarantee results for highly damaging chemical processes (high lift color, perms, relaxers, etc) if you aren’t using the ENTIRE system.

To further learn about the science behind our Uberliss Bond Treatment, check out one of our old blog posts here!

I love hearing your honest feedback, so message us anytime on the website to talk to with me or an Uberliss employee directly.

Hasan Syed



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