Unveiling Artistry: Uberliss Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Rutger

Unveiling Artistry: Uberliss Shines at Paris Fashion Week with Rutger

Paris Fashion Week, the pinnacle of high fashion, witnessed a groundbreaking collaboration that left the audience in awe. Uberliss, the trailblazing name in premium hair care, took center stage at the prestigious Caroline Hu fashion show, elevating the world of hairstyling to new heights.



Nevertheless, the evening's genuine standout were the meticulously designed sculpted architectural updos by Rutger, which pushed the frontiers of hairstyling innovation.


The show's hair design seamlessly f used architectural elements, affectionately referred to as "hair pillows" or "hair clouds," with lustrous low ponytails. Rutger's method commenced with the application of Uberliss Powder Bliss Dry Shampoo, setting the stage for a flawless hair texture.


Subsequently, he expertly fashioned voluminous "hair clouds" atop the models' heads. Rutger set these striking styles with the Uberliss Flexin Hairspray, ensuring compactness and an exquisite shine.


At the heart of Rutger's styling masterpiece was the Uberliss Bond Healing Spray, a haircare essential celebrated for its transformative properties. This foundational product primed and nourished the hair, establishing an ideal canvas for Rutger's artistic vision to come to life.


Uberliss continues to be a vanguard in the world of hair care, championing innovation and artistic expression.


The collaboration with Rutger at Paris Fashion Week underscores Uberliss’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products that empower hairstylists to transcend boundaries and craft indelible looks.

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