Emmy Winner Sarah Snook’s Glam: Uberliss Radiates Beyond the Red Carpet

Emmy Winner Sarah Snook’s Glam: Uberliss Radiates Beyond the Red Carpet

Lights, camera, glamor! The red carpet witnessed a stunning transformation as Emmy Award Winner Sarah Snook stole the spotlight with a look crafted by celebrity hairstylist Kylee Health and Uberliss.

Winning the Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her outstanding performance in Succession, Sarah Snook radiated elegance with a hairstyle that perfectly complemented her momentous achievement. Kylee Health turned Snook into a vision of chic sophistication with the innovative Uberliss product line.

"We wanted to keep the look chic but also with an easy feel," shared Kylee Health, starting with the Bond Healing Spray to hydrate and protect Snook's hair from heat during the blowout.

Forming a deep side part and round-brushing section by section, Kylee added height with Velcro rollers at the crown. After a bit of teasing for extra volume, diagonal sections were smoothed at the ends with a 1 1/4-inch flat iron to introduce movement. The finishing touches involved Uberliss Dry Shampoo and a strategic application of Uberliss Flexin Hairspray, ensuring a flawless appearance on the red carpet.

The result? A show-stopping red carpet moment that not only showcased Sarah Snook's talent but also highlighted Kylee's expertise in creating a memorable and versatile hairstyle, courtesy of Uberliss.



Kelley Clifford, Social Media Coordinator

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