Introducing Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color

We're proud to introduce the newest Uberliss collection:

Bond Sustainer Color.

The New Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors deliver brilliant and vibrant dye while regenerating broken hair bonds and repairing dry and damaged hair.

Formulated and manufactured at our laboratory near Chicago, the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors are prepared, mixed, and filled into 3 oz bottles with care by our production staff.

First sketch of Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color

Early prototype of the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors at the Research and Development Laboratory

First run of the Uberliss Bond Sustainer Colors in production

Bond Sustainer Color is powered by the same core ingredients featured in our Uberliss Bond Treatment, which utilizes Nano-emulsion technology to repair broken hair bonds unlike any other treatment.

They are great for stylists to use on their clients’ pre-lightened hair to create a magical masterpiece in whatever shade of unicorn or mermaid they are feeling at the moment. Or they are perfect for those who already rock a colorful mane, to maintain their current vivid or pastel hue.

Color by Kitty Mendoza using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Platinum Jasmine, Blue Peony, Purple Iris, Lilac, Soft Pink Dahlia, and Magenta Orchid

Color by Mirko Vergani using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Turquoise Tulip and Blue Peony

Color by Jennifer Lopiccolo using Uberliss Bond Sustainer Color in Yellow Daffodil and Peach Hydrangea

The Bond Sustainer Colors are also fun to use at home too, especially if you want to add a splash of color to your hair, or experiment with a new look!

They distribute a rich, creamy color, and will rebuild broken bonds throughout the hair, leaving the hair in better condition than ever before. Add these to your current color maintenance routine to add shine, softness and keep your rainbow strands looking brilliantly bright. Your hair will thank ü.

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