How Christian Wood Used Uberliss to Create Emily Ratajkowski's Faux Bob for the 2017 Golden Globes

Coryn Marzejon

Emily Ratajkowski is never one to shy away from making a bold statement. The supermodel arrived to the Golden Globes red carpet sporting a daring faux bob. Emily’s stylist, Christian Wood, had planned to give her the faux bob, but it was a last minute decision for Christian to cut actual pieces of Emily’s real hair to help blend it all together.

“I wasn’t planning on cutting the hair, but Emily wanted to do something different and daring. I cut some of her actual hair on the top, and some on the sides to help blend into the faux bob. After the Golden Globes I plan on cutting some side swept bangs in to help blend it into her real hair,” said Wood.

The inspiration behind the hair:

“The dress she wore was very sexy with a beautiful detail on the back. We wanted to do something different than the usual updo to show it off, so we chose the faux bob,” said Wood.

To keep the bob charming, modern and fun, in contrast to the sexy gown, Christian added textured waves using the Uberliss Flat Iron. Christian also used the Uberliss Bond Sustainer to prep Emily’s hair.

“I loved using the Uberliss Bond Sustainer as a great base to prep the hair and keep it strong and healthy before styling,” said Wood.


#BTS thank you @uberliss for helping me with my red carpet kit. #uberliss #goldenglobes

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How Christian achieved Emily’s faux bob:

  1. “First I prepped Emily’s hair using the Uberliss Bond Sustainer to keep it healthy and strong before styling.
  2. I then split the hair into two sections. A top section from ear to ear and a bottom section from the ear and down.
  3. I pinned up the top section and then created a braid with the bottom section. I then pinned up the braid underneath and took down the pinned hair from the top.
  4. I then cut Emily’s actual hair on the top and sides to blend into the faux bob.
  5. Then taking those top sections I used the Uberliss Flat Iron to create bends and waves in Emily’s hair.
  6. Finally, I ran my fingers through the waves and used a hairspray and texture spray to create a tousled look” - Christian Wood


What did you think of Emiy's faux bob for the Golden Globes? Would you ever try this to your hair? Let us know in the comments below!



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