Get Victoria Justice's hair from the 2016 Teen Choice Awards

Celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko does it all. Her talents were called into duty Sunday night on behalf of the beautiful Victoria Justice, who hosted this year's Teen Choice Awards.

The talented actress and singer not only shutdown the red carpet with a stunning front braid, she dazzled throughout the award show with a range of looks.

The Uberliss RituOil, Nutritive Mask, and Titanium Flat Iron were Laura’s secret weapons to help keep Victoria’s hair looking silky smooth throughout the night.

 How To Get Victoria's Red Carpet Look:

  1. Start by blowdrying the hair with a paddle brush to ensure an even smooth texture.
  2. Part the hair down the middle. 
  3. Clip in a few pieces of extensions for extra volume. 
  4. Apply a small amount of Uberliss RituOil to each section of hair. 
  5. Flat iron each section using the 1.75” Uberliss Titanium Flat Iron, except for the front.
  6. Begin braiding the front section of hair for wrapping the hairline.
  7. Use hairspray to hold the hair down, and gently use the Uberliss Flat Iron to lightly sandwich the braid.
  8. Apply pink and gold hair glitter for some extra shimmer.
  9. Touch up the ends with a small amount of Uberliss RituOil to ensure a slick and sleek look.

“After the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton skit, I had to take Victoria’s hair out of the wig and cap… the large 1.75” Uberliss Titanium Flat Iron came in handy and I was able to quickly smooth her hair out.” said Laura. “I used bobby pins and hair clips throughout the show, so that Victoria’s shiny and slick hair stayed out of her face when she moved around for the Dance Off skit.” said Laura.

“For Victoria’s final look, I actually used a small amount of Uberliss Nutritive Mask for slight hold, like a pomade. It held everything together, allowing the hairstyle to match her elegant dress.” said Laura.

What was your favorite Victoria look from the night?

Let us know in the comments! ;)



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