Emily’s Hair Stylist Shares His Secrets to get this Sleek, Shiny Pony

Emily’s Hair Stylist Shares His Secrets to get this Sleek, Shiny Pony

Emily Ratajkowski accompanied fashion designer Zac Posen at this year’s Emmy Awards. Mr. Posen created a beautiful blue gown for the model to walk the red carpet in, while her hairstylist Christian Wood paired the dress with a sleek ponytail using Uberliss products.

Christian used the Uberliss RituOil to add a glossy finish to the ponytail and used the Uberliss Flat Iron to keep it looking as smooth as possible.

“I liked using the Uberliss RituOil for Emily’s ponytail to add extra shine and to reduce any frizz," Said Wood.

How To Get The Red Carpet Look:

  1. Start by using Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Sustainer as conditioner to add extra shine and sleekness pre-styling.
  2. On wet hair add Uberliss Smoothing RituOil from the roots to about 3 inches down.
  3. Using a tail comb add a deep side parting and start using the comb to flatten out the hair combing in a downwards motion for extra smoothness.
  4. Once the product has been dispersed and hair combed into place secure with an elastic, (Christian likes to use two for extra staying power) creating a clean tight, low ponytail.
  5. Completely dry the ponytail aiming the dryer downwards for smoothness.
  6. Next take a small section of the ponytail and using the Uberliss Flat Iron, curl the section like a ribbon and wrap tightly around the base to disguise the elastic and use 2 pins to secure.
  7. Next take the Uberliss Flat Iron and taking small pieces of the ponytail starting at the base, gently glide down the hair to smooth out any kinks and create a smooth glossy finish.
  8. To finish use an extra strong hairspray sprayed onto a makeup powder brush and gently pat down any flyaways using the Uberliss RituOil.

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