BREAKING NEWS: Bond Patent Approved

Our Bond patent has been issued by the U.S. and European Patent Offices as U.S. Patent No. 10,987,301 B2 and EP 3 402 575 B1, respectively. Additional patent applications for our Bond System are pending in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, and Hong Kong.


What does our patent do? (you ask)


Our patents protect our Bond System from being made, used, or sold by others without our consent.


Back in 2014 during the beginning of the whole Bond craze, we noticed something very strange about the leading Bond Builders.


They just didn’t work.


We conducted countless experiments measuring the elasticity of hair treated with the first Bond Builders, and all of our results indicated that these Bond Builders didn’t strengthen the hair. AT ALL.


We examined the existing literature and found no viable solutions that were effective at bond multiplying or bond building.


After conducting a lot of research, Dr. Ali Syed surprisingly and unexpectedly discovered that Glycidoxy Dimethicone can crosslink and repair broken disulfide bonds in hair.


While we never fully divulged how our formula worked exactly, (it took 5 years for this patent to get approved!) we knew we were onto something when our test results showed that the hair was losing only 2% elasticity when bleaching with 40 volume developer. Normally when bleaching with 40 volume developer the hair loses 13% of its elasticity.


Sadly, some of our competitors “tried” deconstructing our Ingredient List and incorrectly began claiming that our formula was just coating the surface of the hair.


Our patented bond formula uses a reactive silicone that seeks out and repairs damaged disulfide bonds. It's a special silicone. Not the kind you typically find in other conditioners or thermal protectants.


Dr. Syed added another wrinkle to our Bond System by emulsifying our Glycidoxy Dimethicone into a Sub-Micron Emulsion, which essentially makes our formula even more effective and efficient at repairing damaged bonds along the hair shaft.


As of today….our formula is the ONLY one to repair disulfide bonds and regenerate crosslinks in both the cuticle and cortex of the hair fiber.


The Uberliss Bond Treatment outperforms EVERY single major bond builder on the market and has been tested and compared over and over by Research & Development. (see here)


This unique formula is safe and gentle to use on all hair types and never interferes with developer or processing time.


It is compatible with all glazes, glosses, powder lighteners, cream lighteners, permanent and demi-permanent colors, and developers.


It has taken 5 years for us to get this far, so we’re very excited to share this news with you. We really appreciate your business/support, and we’d love to hear your experience and feedback. Thank you so much.




Dr. Ali Syed

Learn more about the Bond Treatment here. 

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