Uber Sleek in San Juan

This year was our second in attendance at the San Juan Beauty Show in Puerto Rico!

There was a spectacular turnout of stylists and students alike, and we were fortunate enough to team up with our new distributor, Laura's Beauty Supply, who sells Uberliss in the Puerto Rico area.

Like last year, we had our famous half head models showing the before and after of our Uberliss Keratin Treatment. Our keratin treatment is used to smooth and de-frizz clients with frizzy/wavy hair textures. 

This year we were able to debut our first ever styling tool, the Uberliss Ultra Titanium Pro 1.75 Inch Flat Iron! The flat iron pairs perfectly with the Uberliss Keratin Treatment to seal in the product. It is also great used on its own, to achieve an extremely straight and sleek effect. Our flat iron is perfect for the ladies of Puerto Rico who have course, thick, unmanageable hair. The titanium plates help to smooth the hair better than other flat irons currently on the market. 

Only beautiful, shiny, silky strong hair here!



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