Hannah Davis at the Met Gala: Hair How-To

This year’s Manus x Machina Met Gala brought many creative hairstyles to go along with the theme of Fashion in an Age of Technology. Silver, metallic, feathers, and sparkles were in abundance among the outfit choices, while most guests opted for braids or slicked up buns as their hairstyle for the evening.

Celebrity stylist, Chad Wood wanted Sports Illustrated model, Hannah Davis’s hair to stand out from the rest. He chose a sleek triple layered ponytail wrapped in a chic piece of leather to accompany her Cartier jewelry and silvery soft green Zuhair Murad dress.

Chad used the Uberliss Flat Iron, Uberliss RituOil, and a new product to the Uberliss line, the Uberliss Bond Sustainer.

“We wanted something that was going to be clean and sexy, but still interesting. We knew everyone would be doing little buns with accessories sticking out or braids,” said Chad. “We went with this idea (the triple layered pony) because we wanted to keep it classy and tasteful, but still allow her to have a hair moment and be different from the rest. The Uberliss Sustainer had a nice consistency to keep Hannah’s hair wet and textured looking while the Uberliss RituOil helped to seal everything in. Sometimes oils can be too thick or gunky, but the RituOil gave a nice polishing finish.”


How To Get The Look:

  1.  Run mousse and a dime-sized amount of the Uberliss Sustainer through damp hair to create a gelled, textured look
  2. Blow-dry the hair back using a boar bristle brush to get all of the hair in the same direction
  3. Comb the top third of the hair into a high ponytail. Take the second third of hair and put it into a separate pony. Finally take the bottom third of hair and put that into its own pony as well (think a 3 layered cake of ponytails)
  4. Flat iron each ponytail using the Uberliss Flat Iron and seal the mid shafts to ends with the Uberliss RituOil to keep everything smooth
  5. Add the top pony to the middle pony and the middle pony to the bottom pony to create a single ponytail
  6. Wrap hair extensions around the ponytail and seal with hair glue. Chad had special extensions colored by Tracy Cunningham to match Hannah’s current hair color
  7. Seal the complete ponytail with Uberliss RituOil to give it shine
  8. Wrap a piece of leather around the ponytail to complete the look

And voila! Instant Met Ball glam!

Would you ever try this look for an evening out? Let us know your thoughts!



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