Amy Poehler is flawless at the 2014 Emmy Awards

Amy Poehler was THE Beyonce of the 2014 Emmy Awards. Rocking a stunning silver metallic Theia dress and an even more stunning hairdo, courtesy of yours truly!

Alex Polillo sculpted Amy's hair using our professional line of maintenance products to create the smooth and sexy beach waves seen on the Parks and Recreation actress.

Inspiration: “For tonights look, we decided to keep the hair fun, playful and a little edgy, letting the dress stand out. Since it is a big event, I knew her hair needed to shine but at the same time, stay understated. Leaving the ends straight, and alternating between two different types of wave helped me keep the balance.”

To recreate the look:

1. Start with freshly washed and towel dried hair, select a part and brush out. Polillo suggests trying Überliss shampoo and conditioner ($23.00 – $26.00 @ ü when you wash the hair.

2. Apply Überliss Rituoil ($19.90 @ ü serum to the damp hair and blow dry smooth with a medium sized round brush to add slight volume at the root. For a added volume at the crown, add 2-3 Velcro rollers.

3. Taking 1″ sections, alternate between the t3 wand and the t3 1″ flat iron to create a slight wave or a ‘s’ shaped wave with the flat iron (available at Sephora $130).

4. Using a liberal amount of Serge Normant Meta-Revive Dry Shampoo (available at Birchbox $25) at the root for a messy volume.

5. Pieced out the ends with Kevin Murphy Undressed ($33.00 available on Amazon) and finish with Leonor Greyl Voluforme Hairspray ($35.00 available on Amazon).






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